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The Amish Experience
The Leaman House

Dating back to the late 1800's, this building was the original house for the Leaman Farm. Later it became a tourist home providing shelter for eastbound travelers destined for Philadelphia.

Presently the Leaman House consists of 6 guest rooms all furnished within the context of the "Farmhouse Style".

Guests frequently purchase the Amish Quilts that adorn their beds and the array of local crafts that accessorize the rooms.

Staying in the cozy rooms of the Leaman House truly reflect farmhouse living in Lancaster County.

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Please note that when selecting one of the Inn's "Authentic Amish Experience" rooms online, your reservation will be in one of the Amish inspired room type, however specific room types cannot be confirmed.

For specific "Amish Experience" room types, including whirlpool accommodations, please call 877-669-5094.