4 Great Wedding Cake Ideas

Everyone loves a good wedding cake—from the first bite to the last lick of icing and buttercream, a cake can be the perfect end to an amazing day. Wedding cakes are a timeless tradition that likely began in ancient Rome, but today, couples are taking different approaches to their cakes.

Just like all weddings, not all wedding cake ideas or cake designs are created equally. Every wedding couple is different and have diverse tastes when it comes to the design, theme, and the look of their wedding. The Inn at Leola Village strives to rise above the ordinary and take out all of the stress of your wedding day, which is why we have our on-site wedding cake services. Our pastry department will work with you to perfect your cake design and make your wedding flawless.

Classic Wedding Cake Ideas

There’s nothing more iconic than a classic, elegant wedding cake. From the multiple tiers, to the sophisticated detailing, all the way down to the mascarpone cream cheese filling, you can’t go wrong with something so timeless. Even if the theme of your wedding isn’t traditional and you’re still looking for that delicate styling in your cake design, there are ways to make your cake just as unique as your big day.

When you work with our pastry team at The Inn at Leola Village, we’ll make sure to listen to your needs. Ask us about adding various florals or maybe a pop of color to your classic wedding cake design. If you’re having a winter wedding, think about adding dainty snowflakes into your cake to give it that extra sparkle. The options are endless!

Simple Wedding Cake Ideas

If the idea of all of the frill and extravagance on your wedding cake overwhelms you, that’s okay—we understand. Keeping things simple is just as every bit as elegant and refined as any other cake design out there. So nix some of the tiers from that 7-tier cake and knock it down to three, or even one. Sometimes all you need is a few flowers, sprigs of greenery, or even a tiny pop of color to make your cake stand out.

If you’re still not sure of a wedding cake idea, a newer trend we’re noticing for simple cakes are the “naked” cake designs. With less frosting, but just as much flavor, these cake designs can be dressed up for any style of wedding. Letting the cake peek through the frosting is a unique way to keep that wedding elegance while not going over the top with the pomp and circumstance.

Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

A popular theme, especially for local weddings in Lancaster County, is the more “rustic” wedding cake design. Whether your wedding is in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, the rustic feel encompasses all seasons. Often presented on a wooden plate or stump, rustic cakes tend to have a lot of florals and greenery added to them. The nice thing about these wedding cake designs is that they can range from extravagant to simple—it merely depends on your preference.

We suggest using pastels and earthy tones when you’re trying to go for that rustic vibe. Even if your wedding cake is white, you can add burlap bows or flowers to your tiers to tie it into your theme. Just ask our pastry experts for help and we’ll gladly work with you for whatever your wedding cake idea may be.

Alternatives to Wedding Cakes

Are you a wedding couple that hates the idea of your guests watching you cut a cake? Or maybe you just don’t want to give your new husband or wife the chance to smash it all over your face? Whatever the reason, replacing the wedding cake with other desserts is becoming a very popular option.

If you love cake, but can’t decide on a flavor, we suggest doing different flavors of cupcakes. These petite cakes reduce the hassle and mess that comes with cutting and serving cake, while also letting your guests get up and choose what they want to eat.

Another on-the-go wedding treat that’s becoming popular is donuts—but not how you typically see them. Instead of stacking them in a tower or laying them out on plates, a new trend is to create a “donut wall.” This is an assortment of colorful and different flavored donuts that are set on small pegs for guests to pick and choose from. Not only is this a fun way to display desserts for your friends and family, but it also lets them pick exactly what they want.

Do you really just love all desserts and can’t pick one? Then don’t settle; instead have a dessert table with macaroons, bite-sized pies, miniature cupcakes, and more. Not only does this add variety, but it also lets you try more yummy pastries! We’ve even seen couples have full tables of candy instead of cakes—it’s your day, so we say go for it.

No matter what you decide to do, The Inn at Leola Village is there for you through every step of the process. We want you to be able to bask in the romance of your special day and not have to worry about the details. From cake design to floral arrangements, our acclaimed wedding professionals will be there. We invite you to contact us today to discuss our wedding packages and how we can help your big day be as simple as a cake walk.