What To Do When You Think They’re Going to Propose

Are they going to propose? This question flutters in and out of your mind many times when your relationship progresses to the point where marriage is a genuine possibility. You wonder how and when they will pop the question and this can occasionally drive you a bit crazy. Yet, through all the wondering, you still can’t help but be beyond excited at the possibility of forever.

Perhaps a friend who assisted in the ring selection clued you in, maybe your partner dropped some hints, or possibly you just feel it is coming. Regardless of where your notion comes from, most partners know when that moment is approaching and this is what they do until the occasion arrives.

Subtle signs they’re going to propose

If you are at the proposal point in your relationship, then you must have already had the marriage conversation. You know exactly how your partner feels about it and that they indeed do want to marry you. The rest is just a waiting game. But if they are getting close to popping the question, look for some of these signs below:

  • The topic of marriage keeps coming up more often.
  • They don’t dismiss your hints.
  • They’ve been discussing kids and future plans with you.
  • Your partner has brought up your living situation.
  • They’re being more mindful of how much they spend.
  • They want to spend more time with your and their parents and friends; perhaps they are even meeting up with them in secret.
  • Your partner is just acting odd in general.
  • They have been acting secretive and nervous.
  • They want to confirm all your favorite things (and perhaps your ring size).
  • Your partner starts snooping.
  • They start getting sentimental on you, mixed with some extra lovey-dovey tendencies.
  • They start referring to you as “wifey” or “hubby.”
  • Your partner can’t stop telling you how much they love you.
  • They’ve planned a special date night for the two of you as a surprise (perhaps here at The Inn at Leola Village) or want to take charge of an upcoming trip.

We have gorgeous outside and inside seating at Osteria Avanti, perfect for a proposal. 

How it might happen

Remember that it is important to have the conversation with your partner about your preferences regarding the proposal. For instance, if you are someone who hates crowds or big surprises in public, let your partner know! If you prefer something more intimate, tell them.

The last thing you want is for the big moment to come and you are so nervous by the event in which it occurs that you don’t actually enjoy yourself in the moment. You want to be able to remember this moment forever and be fond of it. This should be a story you love to tell to your future children and grandchildren. But if you don’t speak up, your partner will never know how you truly feel and what you truly want in a proposal. Don’t be afraid to tell them exactly what you are thinking and feeling, open communication is key.

The ring

Of course you’d be happy with a rubber band ring if you are marrying your soul mate, but trust us, they want to know what you really want. People can tell you that the ring doesn’t matter, but let’s be honest, an engagement ring is a huge commitment and investment, and this piece of jewelry should look and feel timeless to you. It should be your one piece of jewelry that you always treasure above the rest. So why not make their ring buying journey a little easier by dropping some hints.

  • Show them a picture of what you like, whether you cut it out of a magazine and leave it in view, leave some web pages open, or blatantly send them pictures you like, you know what you like without a doubt.
  • Shop together for the ring. Browsing the engagement ring section at the jewelry store is a definite way to let them know what styles you like and dislike.
  • Have a friend or family member assist them — it never hurts to send your mom or your best friend along for the ride! Just make sure they know what you love in a ring style.
  • Design it together. If you are not into surprises, and even though you may not know exactly what you like, you know you want it to be unique and one of a kind.
  • Give friendly feedback, and when one or your friends or a celebrity gets engaged, check out their ring once they post it or show it. Make comments in front of your partner about what you think of their rings — it will help give them an idea of what you prefer in style.
  • Ask or wait for the surprise. If you are a true romantic and want the “Hollywood” proposal, let them be up to the challenge of figuring it all out.

What if you dislike your engagement ring?

The unforgettable moment comes when they utter those four words, “Will you marry me?” and then you see it… the worst ring you could have imagined for yourself! What do you do when you don’t like your engagement ring? You are not the first couple this has happened to, but there are ways to handle this delicate situation with grace. Here’s what you can do.

  • Give it a few days, perhaps once you wear it around it will grow on you and you will fall in love with it. Remember sometimes first impressions can be misleading, this holds true for rings as well.
  • Talk about it in the right manner. If you still don’t like it after a few days, approach the topic with your partner gently. You want to be open and loving, and sensitive conversations can help set the tone for your marriage for years to come. Explain your intentions as to not hurt their feelings and be mindful while you do it.
  • Head back to the jeweler. Depending on where they purchased it, you may be able to return it, exchange it or modify it into something you truly love and adore. They want you to love the ring you will wear for forever.
  • Choose the wedding bands together. If you aren’t happy with your ring, sometimes matching it up with a creative-style wedding band can help fix the issues you have with it. Picking out the right band may help transform the ring into the ring of your dreams.

Just remember, honesty is the best policy. You don’t want to be upset about the ring you will wear for the rest of your life; you want to be open about everything and anything. Don’t let the disappointment of your ring define your marriage. Talk it through with the one you love.

Engagement party planning

You may start thinking about the engagement party before you are officially engaged, and there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s good to have in mind what kind of party you would like whether it be a large soirée, an intimate dinner party, or just a casual event with friends and family; whatever you choose, be sure to decide on what’s right for you and your significant other.

Typically, an engagement party happens within three months of you and your partner becoming engaged. It can be as large or small as you prefer and it can also be a wonderful surprise event as well. If you are looking for some ideas and accommodations once you are engaged, don’t forget to give us a call. We can host your engagement party and meet all of your wedding needs.

We have multiple venues to choose from. Big or small, we can accommodate your engagement party needs. (While browsing for your engagement party be sure to check out our venues and gardens for your wedding as well.)

Question everything

Is this what “forever” feels like? How do you truly know that they are the one? Isn’t marriage really just two people committing to one another and willing to put in the work involved to make it to forever? It’s not some predetermined, destined circumstance. You already know that. But it doesn’t matter how in love you are, or if you are a solid match for one another — once the idea of saying “yes” to your forever becomes truly real, you cannot help but do a little pre-engagement reflection. And at the end of the day, it’s about you and your partner, the love you share for one another, and you wanting to spend the rest of your lives together.